Sport Activities And Winter Camps In Alanya

Alanya was always known as good place for sport winter camps. There are some reasons why this city is so special.

  1. First of all weather conditions - it never goes down under zero. 
  2. In Alanya and it\'s surroundings there are mountainous places as well as flatlands.
  3. Public sandy beaches along all the city.
  4. Roads in a very good condition - even in most mountainous and rural areas.
  5. Many stadiums.
  6. Sport centers with indoor pools.
  7. Tennis courts

All above mentioned reasons makes Alanya suitable for winter camps:

  1. Cycling
  2. Mountain cycling
  3. Football
  4. Beach volleyball
  5. Beach football
  6. Triathlon
  7. Handball

Moreover here in Alanya or not far away You may enjoy other sports like: paragliding, golf and even skiing.

Usually sportsman choose the accommodation in apartments or apartment hotels. Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are easy to get in local markets or shops.