About Alanya

Alanya is a beach Antalya Province, on the southern coast of Turkey. The city‘s population is around 100 000 inhabitants.

Because of its natural strategic position on a small peninsula into the Taurus Mountains, Alanya has been a local stronghold for many Ptolemaic, Roman, Ottoman Empires. Alanya\'s greatest political importance came in the Alaeddin Kayqubad I, from whom the city derives its name. His building campaign resulted in many of the city\'s landmarks, such as the Alanya Castle.

The foreign purchases of real estate in Turkey. Tourism has risen since 1958 to become the dominant industry in the city, resulting in a corresponding increase in city population. Warm weather, sporting events and cultural festivals take place annually in Alanya.

The town is divided east–west by a rocky peninsula, which is the distinctive feature of the city. The harbor, city center, and Keykubat Beach, named after the Sultan hot-summer Mediterranean climate . Most rain comes during the winter, leaving the summers long, hot, and dry, prompting the Alanya board of Tourism to use the slogan \"where the sun smiles\". The height of the mountains creates an interesting effect as snow can often be seen on them even on hot days in the city below. The sea at Alanya has an average temperature of 21.4 °C (71 °F) annually, with an average August temperature of 28 °C (82 °F).

From only 87,080 in 1985, the district has surged to hold a population of 384,949 in 2007. This population surge is largely credited to the real estate sector and the growth of the housing market. Around 10 percent of the population are european expatriates. About half of them – from Germany and Denmark. More than 30 000 foreigners own the property in Alanya. During the summer the population increases due to large numbers of tourists, about 1.1 million each year pass through the city. Both public and student-teacher ratio.

Başkent University Medical and Research Center of Alanya, a teaching hospital run by Başkent University in Ankara is one of nineteen hospitals in Alanya. Other major hospitals include the 300-bed Alanya State Hospital and the 90-bed Private Hayat Hospital.

The city\'s seaside position is central to many annual festivals. These include the Tourism and Arts Festival, which marks the opening of the tourism season from at the end of May or beginning of June. At the opposite end of the season, the Alanya International Culture and Art Festival is held and is a notable Turkish festival. Other regular festivals include the Alanya Jazz Days, which has been held since 2002 in September or October at the Kızıl Kule.

Since the first modern motel was built in 1958, considered the first year of the tourist industry in Alanya, hotels have raced to accommodate the influx of tourists, and the city as of 2007 claims 157,000 hotel beds. Damlataş Cave, which originally sparked the arrival of outsiders because of the cave\'s microclimate, with an average temperature of 72 °F (22 °C) and 95% humidity, is accessible on the west side of the peninsula with trails from Damlataş Beach. Many tourists adore Alanya because of property prices, warm weather, sandy beaches, access to cuisine.

The International Triathlon Union series, which has been held every October since 1990. Building on the triathlon\'s success, Alanya hosted a Beach Volleyball championship tour, which takes place in May. 

The city is also a frequent host to national events, such as the annual beach Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, though organizers reversed the route in 2012, and started the event in Alanya instead. Other cycling events include the Alanya International Mountain Bike Race. 

Public transportation is well developed – there are many bus lines, which runs different directions and covers not only Alanya city, but also part of Mahmutlar.



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