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  • HOLIDAY GROUP - real estate, investment and project management company in Turkey, Alanya city. The company was established by experienced long-term owners and founders of tourism and real estate companies in Turkey. Our working principles are based on individual and attentive customer service, high quality, integrity and European standards.
  • Our goal - to provide our customers with the full range of the highest quality real estate services. Our team is professional, dedicated to clients, speaking various foreign languages. Recognizing the fact that investment in foreign markets is an important, sometimes having a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in providing choice, HOLIDAY GROUP team is regularly near the customer and helps in all matters - from the birth of the idea to keys, arranges all necessary documents, as well as manage the acquired real assets.


Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2655

2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 124.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2648

1+1, 3+1 Apartments

From 66.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2643

1+1, 3+1 Apartments

From 74.900
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2635

2+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 159.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2623

1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 119.000