• Our aim is Your comfort and safety. After purchasing real estate in Turkey, You may find that it is just a beginning of the process of creating Your holiday home. First of all You will need to pay a visit to many places and offices to get TAPU and ISKAN, register not only the property, but also become abonement of electricity and water supply companies, get tax payer\'s number. Later on You will have to decorate and furnish Your property for more of a personal touch. And finally when staying at Your holiday home, You might wish to explore the region or just pamper Yourself.
  • Our After Sales Services will meet all the needs and wishes You might have and Your holiday home will become the home of Your dreams.
  • Last but not the least thing should be noted - Your holiday home may become the source of income. All the time You are not here, the property may be rented out.
  • Let\'s materialize Your dream step by step together.

Our After Sales Services will help You to make all the process smooth and You will enjoy it.

  • All the property owners must have Tax payer\'s number (vergi mükellefi sayısı). It has to be obtained at the local Tax office (Vergi dairesi). Our realtors may guide You through this procedure.
  • Tapu (title deed) is issued at the Tapu office and Iskan (permit to be able to live in that particular house, apartment or villa) is issued at the Municipality (Belediye). Iskan is needed to connect property to public utilities (water and electricity). Without iskan it may be much more expensive. Our realtors may guide You through this procedure (extra fee).
  • Electricity/Water/Phone abonnement registration. After getting Tapu we will take care of these procedures.
  • Going through the process of above mentioned procedures, You may need Legal advice (extra fee). In case You do not participate in the process in personal, You may give Power of Attorney (extra fee).
  • DASK insurance. DASK - Zorunlu Deprem Sigortası (TCIP) - the compulsory earthquake insurance, provided by the Turkish Government. We may help You to get this insurance (extra fee) as well as additional (against damages from fire or lightning, burglary etc.).
  • ADSL. HOLIDAY GROUP may provide you with internet connection via USB flash (modem) for additional fee. Also if required, we may provide with wi fi internet connection and router.
  • Residence permit (Ikamet) gives You the right to stay in Turkey longer than touristic visa (tek giriş vizesi). We may assist You in a process of geting ikamet (extra fee).
  • When You purchase a property, even including white goods, You wish to feel comfort and cosiness. Our Home Furnishing Service is created to make Your dreams come true - from a single soapbox to a couch or swings in a terrace (extra fee).
  • Your wish is holiday home to be the place without worries - just relax. We are ready to fulfill Your dream. Our Cleaning Service and Home Service facilities are designed to meet personal requirements (extra fee).
  • If You wish to purchase property in Alanya and get revenue, we are ready to offer our Rent Your Property service. 
  • When You are in Alanya, we are more than happy to offer You our additional services, such as: Airport Transfer, Car Rental, Excursions and many more (extra fee)




Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2655

2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 124.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2648

1+1, 3+1 Apartments

From 66.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2643

1+1, 3+1 Apartments

From 74.900
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2635

2+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 159.000
Antalya / Alanya     ID: 2623

1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Apartments

From 119.000