• Our Home Service facility is Your comfort, which You feel either in home country or in a holiday home. 
  • Our aim is the highest quality service beyond the ordinary. Our realtor team is ready to take all the responsibility for what we do. We inspect your holiday home: electric installations, water supply, ventilation and anything you might wish.
  • As well as we may empty your mailbox, pay the bills. We prepare your home for your arrival, arrange transfers to and from the airport. We are available to you, your family and possibly guests 24 hours a day, before, during and after your vacation.

The following services are the ones we provide for our Home Service customers.

  • Emptying your mailbox.
  • Payment of bills: electricity, water, telephone,internet,taxes etc.
  • Safe your property key in our Office.
  • Twice a month we will visit your property. During the inspection we will ventilate premises, test electric equipment and water flow. After the check-up we will send you a report by e-mail with details,  including the information if any repair is needed.
  • Check your flowers and watering of your flowers.
  • If there is any damage in Your apartments or something is out of order, we may contact to you,how to fix it.
  • Counseling. You can always reach Holiday Group by mail or telephone.
  • Helping insurance for your Apartment/Villa
  • Helping Healthcare insurance
  • Helping for translation.
  • Airport Transfer (Gazipaşa-Antalya Airport)
  • Cleaning Services (Departure and Arrival Times)
  • Car Rental Service.
  • Help You  to get Iskan.
  • Help You to get Deed.
  • Arranging Sales / Rent Contract by Lawyer
  • Creating bank account for you.
  • 7/24 Emergencies Service.

We offer 4 different Home Service Contract to our customer.The price are as follow;


1 Times in a Monthly Check 150 € (Per Year)
2 Times in a Monthly Check 200 € (Per Year)
3 Times in a Monthly Check 300 € (Per Year)
4 Times in a Monthly Check 400 € (Per Year)

HOLIDAY GROUP company is working together with local cleaners to take care of your home\\\'s cleaning and laundry needs. We provide our clients with nearly perfect cleaning and care taking facilities

Home Cleaning for the following services :

• Cleaning of Balconies and/or Terraces

• Washing the floors inside the property

• Vacuum cleaning of the carpets/floors where applicable

• Scrupulous cleaning of the property (kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc)

• Cleaning, dusting, and polishing of all surfaces

• Dusting and polishing of the furniture

• Full-scale cleaning of the property

Cleaning Service Prices


Property Price
1+1 Apartments 35 €
2+1 Apartments 45 €
3+1 Apartments 60 €
Penthouse 75 €
Villa 110 €

When You purchase a property, even including white goods, You wish to feel comfort and cosiness. Our Home Furnishing Service is created to make Your dreams come true - from a single soapbox to a couch or swings in a terrace.

There are plenty of furniture and household shops here in Alanya. May be different design, different price level.

  • We only need Your budget, expectations and will arrange all furnishing process.
  • First we will offer catalogues of the items. This way You will not have to go from place to place and loose your time. Our team will take care of it. Only when You made a choice we will visit selected showrooms. 
  • We are aware of special offers and some magic words like Indirim or Kampanya which means discounts and campaigns. You would be able to purchase special things for a special price.
  • Delivery of the goods may take time. We will take care of this too.

Enjoy the time creating and watching how Your dream becomes reality


If you would like to have Sales Contract or Rental Contract for your Apartment or Villas,We are ready to arrange a contract by Company Lawyer.The Price as follow;

SALES CONTRACT              500 €               
RENTAL CONTRACT              100 €

HOLIDAY GROUP may provide you with internet connection via USB flash (modem) for additional fee. Also if required, we may provide with wi fi internet connection and router.

                                                          PRICE LIST

4 GB INTERNET (USB FLASH)              35 € (MONTLY)           
4 GB WI-FI INTERNET              60 € (MONTLY)
DEPOSITE FOR USB / WI-FI MODEM              50 € 

After purchasing a new property in Turkey, you need to apply to register the utilities - water and electricity - in your name.

Registration is not difficult, but it may take a time. It involves visits to the Electricity Board, The Municipality Building, and the Water Board with a number of documents required.

The main documents needed:

New Abonement;

  •  Photocopy of Your Passport
  •  Photocopy of Your Deed
  •  Dask ( Earthquake Insurance )
  •  Iskan ( Housing )
  •  Counter Name and Number

Name Transfer Abonement;

  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Photocopy of your Deed
  • Dask (Earthquake Insurance)
  • Counter Number


You are required to pay the appropriate fees for the following (these fees are subject to change):
* Municipal Fee 
* Water Board Registration Fee
* Electricity Board Registration Fee
* Official Translation of Power of Attorney (if you do not attend in person)

                                                       PRICE LIST (HandyMan Fee)


We would like to offer you technical service to solve any problem such as;

  • Air-Condition
  • Electric or Water Problems
  • Tv
  • Internet Connection
  • Garden
  • Pool
  • Water Damage
  • Elevator
  • Satellite Antennas

All problems become smaller If you use our technical service!

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